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Denver- is one of the favorite residential and vocational cities, a Gateway to the rookies. The Mile High city attracts residents and vacationers from all over the world. You can’t afford to miss a thriving cultural scenes and a diverse neighborhood. What’s your friend’s pleasure? This article covers the best experiences your friends can’t afford skipping during a visit to Denver.

Concert at the Red Rock Amphitheatre

Yes! I mean, it is impossible to visit Denver city and miss out the stunning site and favorite destination of many musicians of all genres. The Rock is a geographically formed, and an open-air Amphitheatre.



Besides the concert, you can decide to go a recreation way which guided tours of the park, biking with friends along mountain trails, shopping, independent hiking, and delicious meals. Attending the park’s visitor center, this provides a wealth of information on all that make Red Rock unique.

Shopping and dining in Union Station

Don’t miss the double duty Union station which is a busy transit center, also offers nightlife, dining and shopping destination. Comfortable chairs and couches surrounding union station gave it a nickname “Denver’s Living Room.” The Amtrak station and bus depot are situated at Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver.

Mountain travel

Mount Evans scenic byway is 9000 feet along the highest paved road in North America. It a breathtaking experience; viewing wildlife and snowcaps. “Viewing the road into the sky” and taking time to admire the rookies.

This makes the trip memorable and fun with friends. Also, the trip extends to Echo Lake State Park which makes the trip even more worth.

Coors Brewery tour

Coors Brewery is a beer manufacturer established in the 19th century. They offer soft and hard drinks, therefore, making it a diverse destination for everyone. “Cold as the rookies” beverages since the beer are created from the mountain waters of the Rockies.
Denver  City
Surprisingly, the entire tour is free and includes plenty of wealth information about Coors ingredients, hops selection and brewing.

Skating at Denver Skate Park

You don’t have to be a professional skater; the park is designed to fit all skill levels and ages. I this place you can see how best boarders do skating in the city. The park is opened every day, and there is no admission fee. You need to carry your gear.

The escape room

The escape game is a favorite to many. It is five rooms designed for team building purposes. The groups are required to brainstorm and solve technologically advanced puzzles; the experience will test you and your friends to solve the puzzles so that you can escape the room.

Visiting Denver Art Museum

The museum has eye-catching American Indian art collections. The art collection provides an in-depth history of nearly all tribes in the United States. There is plenty of learning resources in the museum.

Colorado State Capital Building

The whole tour could be worthless if you miss a visit to the Colorado State Capital Building. The building was designed by Elijah E Meyer to evoke the layout of the capitol in Washington, DC. It is most school destination, so it’s wise to consider visiting when the schools are closed. Friends can take excellent pictures and do a self-guided tour, but can only visit the dome with a guide.

Denver is a historical city that everyone would want to visit. It is a memorable adventure and at the same time informative destination. “Mile High City.”

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