What Is Sketch and Who Is It For?

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Sketch is a new tool in the market designed by Bohemian Coding. For the longest time Adobe has dominated the market but within just a short period of its introduction to the market sketch is already giving adobe a run for its money. Currently Sketch can only work on MacOS but hopefully it will be available for PC users soon.

photoshop vs sketch

There must be a reason why a lot of people are shifting from Photoshop and the likes to sketch. Having been created by somebody else other than Adobe was a low on its part but still it is gaining its crowd by the day. Let’s compare some of the features in sketch and Photoshop.

1. Creation of objects

One of the things that Sketch has really simplified is the shortcuts. Adobe has its shortcuts but who are we kidding? They are not always easy to remember. In sketch if you press “R” you get your rectangle, you press “L” and you get a line and so on and so forth.


If you resize an object it is still going to maintain its properties unlike in Photoshop where the image gets all messed up and distorted. The snap-to-grid feature works much better and instead of wondering how the creator came up with such alignment points you will actually use it to align images.

But since Photoshop is part of a full-feature suit it has the upper hand if you are looking to modify and tweak objects.

2. Speed

If we are being honest Photoshop gets a little bit slow every now and then, it requires for you to have a lot of RAM. A slow computer is a nuisance to everyone.

On the other hand Sketch has a smaller footprint which enables it to move really fast. It allows you to have up to forty art boards on your screen and you can move around stuff from one to the next and its speed will not be affected at all.

3. Plugins

Sketch has a bunch of useful plugins that are dedicated to making your workflow simpler and faster. Some of those plugins include those that allow the user to populate text fields automatically. Most of these plugins are offered free of charge.


Photoshop has its plugins too but their focus is not on UX/UI design and they are spread out all over the internet.

4. Exporting

It is much easier and faster to export while using sketch. All you have to do is drag the artboards to your desktop and it will automatically save them. On top of that, sketch is a vector based tool which means that your image will look as good as it did initially in all gadgets. It also gives you a sizeable image that can even be saved as SVG.

There are a lot of similarity between Sketch and Photoshop but it is the differences that count. In my opinion and what we have viewed above and more currently the advantages of Sketch outweigh those of Photoshop.

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