What is the meaning of blackwork tattoos?

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January 14, 2019

Tattoos represent different meanings to different people but they are mostly used to create permanent reminders of an occasion or abject in someone’s life. While some people tend to go for the smaller shapes and sizes that are less conspicuous, others prefer the bolder distinctive ones. Blackwork is a representation of the bolder tattoos placed in more exposed areas of one’s body such as arms or chest. These types of ratios differ in shapes and sizes but they all have different motifs accompanied by a rich black shading.

Like other types of tattoos, blackwork tattoos can take any form ranging from animals to mandalas to symbolize what a person likes.


These tattoos originated from polynesia before the 18th century where they were used to represent different meanings. They were used to show one’s identity with a specific tribe as well as one’s ideas and beliefs in the supernatural and natural occurrences such as wars. Having a specific symbol or shape embodies in your body meant that you belonged to a certain tribe and shared the beliefs and practices of that tribe.


Since then they have become more popular in the western culture where they still represent specific ideologies and beliefs. They are a great way for people to express their feelings and beliefs without having to speak it out verbally. These tattoos found their way into the western culture through an explorer who travelled to one of the Polynesian tribes and was “fascinated” by them.

He brought the idea to Europe and it became popular among the working class especially those who were involved in coal mining and sailing sectors.

Advantages of blackwork tattoos

The fact that these tattoos can be a representation of anything shows that they have endless possibilities. One can find anything they like whether it’s an object, an animal, or even a plant and have it turned into a blackwork tattoo. The objects are available in wide varieties including inanimate ones such as skulls. This shows that anyone can find what they like with the tattoos. They make it easy for every individual to express themselves and their different personalities and beliefs.


Every person has unique qualities that sets them apart from other people. Sometimes it gets difficult to express that uniqueness especially when it comes to tattoos. With blackwork tattoos, one can easily find a unique symbol to accompany the uniqueness. The detailed expressions of these tattoos also make them unique. It limits the possibility of having an identical tattoo anywhere else even if two or more people have the same symbol. The symbol can be tattooed using different shades of ink, shape and thickness together with other details ensures every person shows their unique side.

Blackwork tattoos tend to be classier than most of the other types of tattoos. It can look great on any interested person regardless of their gender or body shape. They can also be place on any part of the body depending on one’s choice.


Blackwork tattoos are a great way for someone to express themselves and will continue to be for a long time to come. Even though you can have them placed in any part of your body, it’s advisable.to take the level of discomfort when the work is being done into consideration before choosing a style.

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